Throughout his career, Eitan has helped many organizations and people advance their IT and information security, and many of them were more than happy to publicly give their positive and warm opinion of Eitan.
Here are some of these recommendations from Eitan’s profile page on the professional network of LinkedIn:

Udi Oz, CTO at BUYME Technologies:
Eitan is a passionate, highly experienced and super professional information security manager. He has a very rich knowledge and deep understanding of that field. He is also a very pleasant person to work with, understands people and knows how to approach them which is a very important skill in this kind of work. This combination of this uncompromising professionalism and interpersonal skills make him a significant and valuable asset for anyone who wins his services.I would highly recommend Eitan for keeping your business safe and secure.

Nir Perry, CEO of Cyberwrite:
I hired Eitan as a freelancer to consult Cyberwrite on cyber risk and cybersecurity topics. Eitan is a knowledgeable and trustworthy expert on multiple cybersecurity disciplines and I recommend him strongly for his services.

Omer Taran, CTO & Co-Founder at CybeReady:
When we started out with CybeReady and had very little resources I needed a person I could task with solving on-site customer issues which were not product related. In most cases the task required working with the customer, understanding what is happening (as in understanding the architecture and how it relates to the problem at hand) and suggesting a solution.
I’ve have always found Eitan to be resourceful, diligent and a great partner for solving customer problems, especially those that require a deeper and mostly broader technical understanding that requires an ability to connect the dots.

Eli Kosovsky, Business development, strategy and senior consultant at Liacom Systems:
“I have been working with Eitan for several years at Liacom Systems. Eitan is one of the best professionals in the Cyber area. He is dedicated, committed and with vast knowledge, great expertise and deep understanding in the area. Eitan is a great asset and I am sure that every company will value of having him as part of its team”

Eliraz Levi, Information Security – Project Manager & System Engineer at the Israeli Ministry of Defense:
“Although I worked with Eitan for a short period of time, I was very impressed with his professional skills, broad knowledge and cooperative personality. Eitan – it was a pleasure to work with you!”

Avi Malka, System & IT design Manager at Israel Port Authority:
“I worked with Eitan for three years while he served as an information security consultant for our organization Eitan has a systematic vision of the cyber world, familiar with and updated with latest technologies. Eitan provided us with analysis, reasoned recommendations and formulated in a professional and fluent manner I enjoyed working with Eitan”

Eldad Gal, Senior Information Security Expert at HOT Telecommunication:
“Eitan is a well-educated, experienced IT security expert. he has deep knowledge in a wide range of areas and he is always seeking to learn and research new things.
Eitan is very dedicated to his work and sets high standards to his team and other groups in the organization.
On the personal side, I found Eitan to be a great team player, one that I can consult at any time. but he also has the ability to work on his own and lead others”

Richie Sevrinsky, Architect/Principal Software Engineer at F5:
Eitan has provided a fresh, new perspective on an extremely complex product, and thanks to his insights, has initiated countless proposals for dramatically improving end-user experience and customer satisfaction.

Loann Le, Sr. Manager, Technical Communication at F5 Networks:
“I had the pleasure of engaging with Eitan on several different security products. I find him to be extremely technical and knowledgeable and very capable. He genuinely cares about all aspects of how the product works, and works endlessly to ensure the customer’s needs are met. It would be a pleasure to work with Eitan again.”

Ivy Nugent, Manager, Product Development Program Management, co-director PD PMO at F5 Networks:
“Eitan is a detailed and dedicated team player who enjoyed working with many organizations in F5. He was attentive to new tools and processes, never hesitated to ask questions and make suggestions for improvements. He has a good grasp of our products and the market and customer’s needs. Eitan worked with a global team and never failed to provide valuable insight and feedback to headquarters back in Seattle.
I would be delighted to work with Eitan again if the situation came to pass.”

Tal Fishler, Senior Manager of System and Performance Team at F5 Networks:
“I had the privilege of working with Eitan Caspi on a couple IT positions at F5 NETWORKS. Multi-skilled person. Passionate, well educated, creative and broad-minded professional with lots of knowledge in his field. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Eitan Caspi is your man!”

Lior Moscovici, Senior System Architect at F5 Networks:
“When Eitan takes charge of introducing a new release to the field, he doesn’t let any issue escape through: by thoroughly examining the product from the user’s eye he uncovers the usability problems and the lacking in functionality and suggests useful solutions and ideas for improvements. As a result, he significantly contributed to the quality of the product.
Eitan is diligent in his work, assertive and proactive, but also a good listener and always friendly and with a big smile.”

Beni Serfaty, Software Architect (Team Lead) at F5 Networks:
Eitan is very thorough in his examinations of new security features in the product. He looks at all the angles and goes down to every detail. He is not afraid to say his opinions, even when these are not popular, especially regarding usability issues. He is also very friendly and fun to work with.

Leon Brik, Senior Manager, Test Engineering Group at F5 Networks:
“Eitan is very knowledgeable engineer, who always considers a situation from the different angles and always from the customer perspective.
He never will pass by the revealed problem, even if it not his direct duty.
He was one of the major contributors to bugs found out of QA organization, and provided many useful inputs for improvement of product usability.
I had a pleasure working with Eitan in F5, and wish him good luck in his further career.”

Boris Aranovič, Sr. Principal Software Engineer at F5 Networks:
“Eitan has always demonstrated a keen eye when spotting UI issues, from minor inconveniences to major usability issues, and was never afraid to explain his reasoning to the fullest and argue for what he believes in. He also often has innovative ideas for user experience improvements that he makes sure the relevant people hear about.”

Erik Novak, Sr. Technical Training Developer at F5 Networks:
“I worked closely with Eitan in the creation of web-based training modules for a complex web application firewall product. Eitan has a superb ability to communicate very technical information to different types of audiences who have tremendously different technical backgrounds. His ability to get someone’s attention quickly, say what needs to be said, and to provide information verbally and graphically in a manner that does not overwhelm someone less technical, makes him an asset to any product development team. Additionally, he is able to produce an enormous amount of excellent technical training material in a very short time period, without missing deadlines.”